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What is ACE Player and how to use it?

ACE player is based on VLC player and its main purpose is for watching live streams on the internet, and mostly TV sport channels like Eurosport, Sky Sposrt or ESPN.

It is very easy to install it, just download it from the official website: http://www.acestream.org/en/ and install. When you star a player, you need to open the main menu:
Media > Open Ace Stream Content ID..

Then you need only to place a valid hash/link to the channel you want to watch. Here are some examples of such a hash/links:

Spain Sports: 8d20deee93dbf7e7548ed4fb39f5d29304a96825
TSN1          : 4e5abe370e1bfa45a5d8dfb510431b662ab90225
Sky Sports Germany: e10b216f056d5183bb3c785f074e7d0abea93a7f
DIGI Sport3 Romanian : 8d20deee93dbf7e7548ed4fb39f5d29304a96825
Eurosport 1  : 84f05d53dd5d12faaab6cded5f2ed09d807a6a9b

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